Brooklyn Museum of Art 15 Minutes of Fame Battle


Brooklyn Museum of Art 15 Minutes of Fame Battle
Le Poussion Rouge
158 Bleeker St
New York, NY

With the Crowd rolling in Anthony Avatar and Shane Daddy (The Boogie Brothers) kicked off the beginning of groovy set that kept the crowd and artists vibing long after the battle was over.

Zito and Concep started out the battle and set the bar high for Lexi Bella and Marthalicia Mataritta. All of the artists were painting in 15 minute intervals to the theme of American Icons. Both Concep and Zito came at the battle with an Iconic/ Subversive take on the pop art theme where as Lexi Bella and Marthalicia both took the theme more literally with illustrative images.

Lexi painted a gloved Madonna in a beautiful Black and White contrast piece;

Concep put down a vibrantly colorful backround then stenciled in purple over top featuring buckwheat with the words "Oil Men" underneath;

Zito used a full palette taken from the allowed paint and created an image of a Native American Chief with the U.S. outlined behind;

Marthalicia started with her trademark backround of purple paint then pulled out the image of Andy Warhol getting photographed by Ede Sedgwick.

The battle ended with all artists having 35 minutes of total time on the canvas.

With a crowd split between the black and white literal representation of theme by Lexi and the full color subversive representation of Concep we went into a 5 minute overtime. The crowd was charged and the artists were pretty much finished with their work but like the warriors of canvas they are both Lexi and Concep sprung into action. Concep broke out a detail brush to make his piece pop off the canvas and Lexi went BOLD. Lexi Bella grabbed her brush dipped it in the water and demolished her own work. Paint was flying from Lexi's brush to the front of the audience as well as on to Concep. Everyone was stunned some upset but Lexi didn't pause she continued to wail away at her canvas and just in the nick of time pulled out a recognizable full size gestural portrait of Marilyn Monroe. Concep caught off guard found himself in the shadow of Lexi's Love Hate conversation with the crowd. In the end LEXI BELLA was named Victor of ArtBattles at Brooklyn Museum.

What an awesome battle.. Thank you Alicia Boone and Faye Serafico for bringing Art Battles to the Brooklyn Museum, I know it wasn't easy.