• Mural Battle: Andre Trenier vs. BEAU

    New York, United States

    ArtBattles brought two of NY's best muralists out for a preview showcase at the South Street Seaport. Andre Trenier took on BEAU in an outdoor mural battle on Pier 17, one of New York's historic landmarks. BEAU delivered his classic style with perfection, but it was Andre who took home the victory and will be competing in an upcoming mural battle later this summer.

  • ArtBattles U New York Launch Battle

    New York, United States

    On April 4th, ArtBattles U launched with a roar at the Grand Ballroom at Webster Hall in New York City. Four student artists brought their skills to the battle: Sam Treco (FIT), Baskt (Parsons), Natalia (Pratt) and Crystal Clarity (Parsons). The winner would receive a grand prize which included a trip to Miami, a room at the W Hotel South Beach and access to the city's galleries.

  • ArtBattles 2012 Paris Finales Battle 4:El Nino & Lexi Bella Win The ArtBattles Finales!

    Paris, France

    Battle 4 was tense and all the artists brought their A game but only 2 won: El Nino from Granada Spain won the Euro Champion title against Harry James from Paris, France and Lexi Bella from NYC won the American Champion title against Danielle Mastrion also from NYC.

  • ArtBattles 2012 Paris Finales: Battle 3 USA VS Europe

    Paris, France

    On Oct 3 2012 our European Team and our US Team went head to head as each Team of four fantastic artists worked on a huge collaborative painting. The final 2 pieces were amazing and an online vote determined the Europeans are the superior painters!

  • ArtBattles 2012 Paris Finales: Battle 2 European Showcase

    Paris, France

    On Oct 2 2012 we kicked off our week of International Finales in Paris showcasing our European Team! Our Champion Artists from Spain, Poland, Holand, and of course France all had won during our 2012 tour so this day we shocased their talent as they painted images inspired by their favorite masterpieces.

  • Paris Finales


    Culmination of ArtBattles 2012! We have searched and Battled from LA to NY to Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Barcelona and found 8 artists to create our US and Euro Teams to Battle it out in our FInals!

    Our first week will be hosting Battles for the top Parisian and then French artist to become part of our Euro Team.

  • ArtBattles 2012 Finales Paris: Battle 1

    Paris, France

    ArtBattles 2012 Finales started out with 6 Parisian Artists Battling for supremacy and 1 spot on the European Team set to Battle the USA Oct 1-5 .
    Artists Kouka, Harry James, Movey Move, Esper, and Skio battled and Harry James was voted the Champion by the crowd!